Welcome to Grove Social

Danielle Ralston, the president of NTG, is venturing into the world of social marketing with her new business GroveSocial. The company officially launches on January 5, 2015 and will provide its full list of services to vendors seeking to market their products and services to IT professionals.

Danielle has had the opportunity to work with many IT professionals and vendors and has learned how they communicate and thrive in a shared environment. Because of her position at the head of an IT service provider, she gets to work with MSP’s, IT professionals and vendors on a daily basis. Through the communication with those different groups, she better understands what it takes for each party to work together in a cohesive manner.

Vendors looking to connect their products with those in the IT profession needn’t look further than Grove Social. Having one of Grove Social’s dedicated posting specialists generate an online presence or create cohesive booths, banners and documentation for a trade show are only a few of the many services offered by Grove Social.

Grove Social aims to fill the gap between IT professionals and vendors through by making it easy for venders to market their products to the IT community through various social media platforms, trade shows, and online communities. With the help of Grove Social, vendors can better reach those in the IT profession, making it possible to grow their connections and cultivate their businesses.