Starting a Startup

Being hard of hearing, I have always faced communication barriers.  Things like sitting at my families table eating dinner and not understanding the context of conversations because everyone is speaking over each other, or phone conversations, or anything in a loud setting, I have always struggled to understand spoken word.  In these last 10 years, technology has played a major role in breaking a lot of these barriers.  Smart phones, texting, FaceTime, and Video Phones have made it much easier for people like myself to communicate and be more part of the world.

My former employer is a member of an office space in Manchester, Connecticut, called AXIS 901.  Axis is what’s called a “Co-Working” space.  Basically it’s a place where small companies and start ups, rent time and a shared office space along with meeting space.  These Co-Working spaces have become an incubator for ideas and innovation around Connecticut and around the country.  In the case of AXIS 901, one day, I was working with one of my deaf consumers in finding job leads, at the same time, Paul Goldstein, a Google Glass and Android App Developer, and George Constance, an entrepreneur that’s been involved in a number of start ups was chatting near the coffee machine.  Paul, has just successfully developed an app for Google Glass and was looking for a new project and wondered if technology could be used for people to enhance their lives, then they both looked at me from across the office and asked me to join them for a minute.  From that conversation in June of 2014, CEESpeak was born.  With our team, we are seeking funding for the research and development of apps that will do a number of things.  We want to use Google Glass to take spoken word and convert it to word-for-word text in a 0-3 second delay and be displayed on the lenses of Glass.  We also want to use platforms like Android smart phones, iPhone and Windows to do the same thing.  We are also looking at Smart Watches as a platform, too.  At this time, we are seeking $200,000 for the research and development of these apps to look into the capability of current platforms and look into what we need to do to set up speech to text.  Do we buy a system, or set up one ourselves.  Do we need a team of developers, if so, how many?

In March, we hope to launch our KickStarter campaign to use altruistic funding for this.  We believe we have a cause and a mission that will change the world, because the ultimate goal is to convert any language to the English or convert English to any language.  Star Trek type of stuff.  We hope to make a difference in the Deaf world as means to perfect the technology then change the whole world.  It will definitely change mine.  Follow us for more updates.  If you are interested in getting involved in this company, or looking for an investment opportunity, please email me at [email protected].