Purposeful Oasis

I have been taking a good hard look at not only what I do, but how I do things. I have decided my word for 2017 is Purposeful. 

[pur-puh s-fuh l]

1) Having a purpose.
2) Determined; resolute.
3) Full of meaning; significant.

So how can I have Purpose in everything I do? Be more Determined? Be Significant?

How I can be those things to my FATHER, my husband, my now adult son, my day job, my business, my family, my friends and to myself as well?

First I need to be Purposeful in the moment. Instead of my normal all out chaos and then binge on being organized, give up because I am too overwhelmed, and start the cycle all over again, I need to do/be Purposeful now, not later when I feel like it. My life will always be crazy, period, end of story. I will never have time later to do that project, clean the sink, or the other 1,000,000 things a day I put off. I need to do it now in the moment; all my moments should be Purposeful.

 I work full time for NTG and work full time for Grove Social, which continues to grow and includes Mangolassi.it, which also continues to grow. I have a husband who is in bands, and I do the “band wife” thing. I try to be there for my family when they need me, which means if I am not Purposeful then I will have to spend a significant amount of time cleaning up the messes I left behind me, instead of doing it now and not putting it off. My whole personality is “I can do that later.” I am not a procrastinator. I do get things done, just the things I want to do, and not the cleaning, etc. that I should do… oh wait; I guess that is being a procrastinator.

So, in asking myself these questions, I realized: Facebook is WAY NOT Purposeful. I use it to talk to potential clients, but I use it a lot for talking to friends, etc. I also have (I think) 40 FB groups I am part of. The problem with that is they are not all that helpful and are connected to Facebook, so once I go into the TIMESUCK called FB it is hard to poke my head back out. I still need to use FB as a business tool, and for connecting with friends and family. So, I have decided I will have scheduled times, with a timer set, (thank you Siri) to remind me to disconnect. I now have messenger installed on my desktop so that people can reach me easily, but I don’t have to be ON FB to do it.

 But, I still need a place to speak with other women. I no longer work with women, and I miss that connection. DUH! I know how to fix this problem. Use what I know! Grove Social has MangoLassi.it, an online community for IT pros to talk and support one another because they are often isolated. So, in that intent, Grove Social will be opening PurposefulOasis.com. This is a site dedicated to women helping women be more purposeful in their lives. There will be areas to talk about getting organized (I need all the help I can get), direct sales business ideas, marketing, IT support/questions, resources for you/family, health, recipes, and more! This will be a community of mentors to women all over the world that can share their vast wisdom on how the heck I am supposed to remember to sweep my floors and work a job.

 This site will be for you. You can use it to make everything in your life Purposeful!