MangoCon 2016 Press Release

MangoCon 2016: Refreshing Your IT Knowledge

By: Danielle Ralston
August 26, 2016

Rochester, NY – Locally owned GroveSocial, LLC announced today their first IT Training Conference.  MangoCon comes in response to the online IT forum and the need for high-level IT training not revolving around a single product.  IT pros need all around training and the ability to ask questions of those that offer and use IT-related products in real environments.

MangoCon — We are super excited to have our event not only be local to our offices, but on an intimate scale of about 100 people total (we are currently at about 60 attendees), so that both vendors and IT pros can really get to know each other in both a technical and social situation.

Real in-depth IT training: MangoCon is created by IT professionals for IT professionals. Our primary goal is to equip IT professionals with knowledge of IT-related products and services. Thus, training sessions are designed to actually provide more focused training, instead of a large variety of surface-level engagement of topics.  We also realize the importance of holding this gathering to create an opportunity for our members to put faces with the names they interact with everyday online. This is a great time for vendor representatives to interact in a social setting. We’ve witnessed over and over again the value of decision-makers getting to know the people who provide the products and services that they want to use, and there is no better way to market than to literally let your audience get to know you. 

GroveSocial & – At just over 2 ½ years old GroveSocial is a social media marketing consultancy. was started to give people working in IT a place to ask related questions and not be pigeon-holed by a single product forum.  With about 12,235 posts per month and 13,881,923 total views last month (including views from 32,677 new, unique visitors), we are growing quickly.


Attending MangoCon – Local Attendee Discount $100 per person includes all meals and entertainment

Holiday Inn Downtown Rochester (hotel discounts are available, use code GRS)
70 State Street
Rochester, NY 14614

September 14: 6pm – 10pm
September 15: 8am – 7pm Training; 7pm – ?? Networking
September 16: 8am – 7pm Training; 7pm- 10pm The Fallen (local 90’s Modern Rock Band); 10pm – ??? Networking

Optional: September 17: 11am-4pm Letchworth State Park (rsvp by 9/9 deposit of $10/person)
Optional: September 18: 11am-?? FingerLakes Wine Trail (rsvp by 9/9 deposit of $25 per person food and drinks not included)


To learn more:

Danielle Ralston, Owner
2025 Genesee St, Piffard, NY 14533
[email protected]

Letter to Manager: Why MangoCon will be awesome

MangoCon is not your average IT convention. Most conventions are full of sales fluff, and lack valuable training for you to actually use in your day-to-day job. MangoCon is striving to be your Refreshing IT Convention. At we are seeking to be different from all the rest and also be valuable to your very real day to day IT needs.

At MangoCon, each day will be structured to allow some time to check in with your jobs IT needs as well as give you time to speak to the Sponsor Vendors.

Proposed Agenda Timeline:


  • Breakfast
  • Work check-in time
  • Vendor discussion time


  • Two intense training sessions (3 tracks to choose from)


  • Lunch
  • Vendor discussion time

2:30pm-5:30 pm

  • Three Intense Training Sessions (3 tracks to choose from)


  • Networking


  • Dinner


  • Various snacks
  • Entertainment and Networking time with Vendors and fellow IT pro’s


These are just some of the Training Sessions we intend to provide: • Linux Server 101- Travis • Linux Desktop 101- Travis • Linux LVM – Travis • Bash- Travis • Infrastructure (context, risk, architecture)- Scott Miller • Running an MSP – Minion Queen • Storage 101 – Scott Miller • Backup 101 – Art Ralston • Intro to VoIP- Jared Busch • Panel Discussion VoIP- Jared Busch, Scott Miller, at least a couple more • Real World VoIP – Jared Busch • Mango martinis with Scott – Scott Miller • Grove Social how to use Social Media in IT – Minion Queen

There will be a hands on lab for testing the things you will be taking training on.

Not only do we as IT professionals need more in-depth training, we need more time to learn about the hardware and software we do use and could be using every day. Vendors also need time to show us all that their products can do.

Each day, a key vendor will have the opportunity to give anyone desiring more information about their products the ability to touch, dive in and learn the product.

Every minute of the day is designed to maximize the learning time and networking which also allows IT Pro’s to learn from each other. We have purposely designed a Conference will be an invaluable tool for any IT Pro.

Total cost of Training including all meals: $200/person

Total hotel costs per night: $119 based on single occupancy

MangoCon September 14